How to Pick the Most Stylish Coat for My Italian Greyhound

Under what circumstances do I need to dress my iggy?

I recently received an email from two new iggy dog owners asking if I could give some advice on when and how to pick the right clothes for their 9 month old dog, and hoping I could give some of my experience on what to wear for their dog.

I think it's important to keep an eye on the weather and the state of our dogs to dress them in appropriate puppy outfits. they are extremely reluctant to go out in the winter because they have a thin coat, are thin and are more afraid of the cold than the average dog.

My italian greyhounds is shivering: Yes, when your dog shows signs of shivering, you should consider that the weather may be too cold and you should put on a sweater or coat appropriately for him!

My italian greyhounds starts to stop walking and raises his paws: In most cases, a dog refusing to walk or raising his paws is also a signal that you need to put a warm coat on him.

My italian greyhounds is always curled up: This is a very clear sign that the environment is too cold and the dog needs to be properly clothed, whether it is a vest or a sweater, even though it is indoors.

How to pick italian greyhound clothing full of fashion sense

Of course, do not wait until it is cold to start dressing, if sick and cold, it will become even worse.

When I go for a walk, I will wear a jumpsuit for the dog, but also prepare a wind-resistant jacket cotton, in case of rain or bad weather. Indoors I think the undershirt or doggy sweater is enough to keep the temperature appropriate.

Of course, as a fashion blogger, I also want my iggy to have the most fashionable and warm clothes to match.

I always like to challenge my dogs to wear various styles. I try to layer clothes with different fabric textures to create a layered look. I also use different colors of clothes to match different travel looks, sometimes I will also pick some black dog comfort vest, and then a white down coat to match, these matching always give me unexpected results, and I enjoy it.

I will share KNOWZA2023 latest puppy clothing, and some matching pictures, I think these will be of great help to you

1.iggy jackets down filled

This high quality down jacket is very good at keeping you warm, the filling is very strong and the wind resistance is very good
He has four colorways, and the size is very rich. Great for your dog's fashion in winter!

clothes for italian greyhound

As you can see, it looks very warm and is very easy to match with a stylish outfit

italian greyhound coat

Snow days are no exception, this clothing always brings warmth to the dog. And with a very wide range of sizes to choose from, the Doberman is also perfect for

striped dog sweater
dog apparel brands

2.Dog jackets with fashion sense

This is a sleeveless dog clothing winter, from the fabric to the buttons of every detail, this dress are almost perfect. Buttons are made of natural shells, and the fabric is wind and water resistant.

The quilted line design adds some fashion sense, too suitable for italian greyhounds. facing the cold weather, I think this dress will bring you a surprise, it is very warm!

italian greyhound jacket

3.whippet sweater

When the weather isn't that cold, but it's a little cooler, that's when your pup needs a cotton textured sweater. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, it needs a little warmth to avoid catching a cold.

This iggy sweater is premium and textured in a threaded fabric in a neutral hue.
White Italian Greyhound in sweater

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