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KNOWZA is committed to exploring the symbiotic relationship between nature, people and dogs, and creating a multi-scene clothing brand for modern women and her dogs who are independent in thought, rich in heart, and pursuing quality life.

KNOWZA firmly believes in the bond between humans and dogs
It is not a one-way love and being loved, but a two-way gift, a surprise created by each other for each other
These surprises are like a galaxy of stars in life
Shining, eternal, innumerable
We also pour this love into the details of every piece of clothing, and they also constantly feed back love and loyalty in the details of life

Our sizes are designed for different breeds, not limited to italian greyhound iggy, whippet dog, Doberman, Weimaraner, etc.

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A house built with bricks and tiles is called a house, and a house where one can place one's heart is called a house
KNOWZA has always believed that the label corresponding to the owner and the dog
Not "owner" and "pet", but "one family member" and "another family member"
Every bit of what we pay for the dog, the dog will eventually respond one by one with sincerity in the silent time
It is their loyal companionship that makes the house a home, and makes us, who are tired after get off work, have a home for our hearts

The simplicity and loyalty of dogs often make them suffer misfortune
Therefore, the values of KNOWZA, let us firmly appeal to——
- One - Advocate adoption instead of purchase so that life can be treated well
- Second - If you love, love well
Dogs don't abandon humans
and please don't throw them away

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The tailoring design adheres to the principles of comfort, freedom, and deconstruction, and closely follows the brand DNA of "nature, people, and animals". The comfort and functionality of the fabric
Constantly explore between, so that pets can get rid of the restraint and release the pressure. Every piece of clothing is not only good-looking when worn alone, but also inspires more ways of matching and layering
and life scenes.

Brand Mission and Vision

Love and loyalty are not born or retained by foreign objects
But foreign things will put the state of love and loyalty
Unreservedly appear in every corner of life
KNOWZA Expectations
We carefully explore every detail
Can be a witness of love and loyalty between you and your dog

Product Line

Doggy sweater | vest

When the weather is just getting cooler, but not that cold. This collection includes sweaters, shirts, undershirts, and other dog-friendly clothing.

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Dog clothing winter

During the cold winter months, dogs always need one of the best jackets and down coats.
It will still keep them warm despite the snowy days.

dog-down-jacketKNOWZA HOME

KNOWZA HOME is a pet lifestyle sub-brand, where you can find everything about your dog's daily necessities, such as kennels, Pet bags, collars, etc.!

Pet carrying bag

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